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  1. My friends there really is a doggie God 

    It's been 2 month since Luna moved in, and although I am enjoying her company a lot more. And we are really starting to play together. I am still feeling my old-age the grand total of two years(that's 14 in dogs years), and sometimes I just want to break. That is were my doggie saviours has come in. 
    like blessed angels they take leave my wife awhile and play with her until she tires out. I have never been happier to see a guest dog especially when it's a puppy. The other week we had three puppies in with Luna and they played so much that by the time it was 4 o'clock feeling wiped out until 6 am the next day, it was a luxury. I can now understand when you see me say they have a fun are they control the children to, instead of a fun on I just have plenty of doggy friends that I can push Luna to when I'm done with her for a little while. 
    I have also been teaching the tricks. Buggins one of our favourite regulars have been teaching her how to swim and patch in the paddling pool this last weekend much to the displacement of Julia who has discovered that Luna doesn't understand the difference between a swimming pool and a water bowl. Percy and Bella have been teaching Luna to play hide and seek, which she is getting really good at and Riley has been teaching Luna to lie under the sunbeds. This was good in the beginning but now she's getting so big that when she stands up from the sunbed she takes the person lying on it with her  

    So yes my friends I do conclude there is a doggy God, Who has made doggy friends Jack can play with Luna to ours without tiring themselves, life is pure bliss 


  2. Hello all 



    I'm sure you have all been dying to know how we are getting on with the latest addition to our family-Luna, and my friends of I have to be honest, I have mixed feeling about it. For one its tiny, when Julia took me to meet her I was scared I was going to squash it. But so far I haven't (points for Willow). It also keeps chewing my beard and feet, every time it wants attention. Its taking all the cuddles and love off me and gets these special "puppy treats". However, at night it's very loving and sleeps right next to me and everyone keeps saying I'm a good sister. Sophie also keeps giving me extra treats so I guess it's not all bad 


    I will keep everyone posted on how it goes