Frequently Asked Questions

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Home boarding offers your dog the opportunity to stay with a boarder in their own home. Your dog is treated as one of the family. 

 We do not accept any dog that has not been neutered. Preferably all bitches spayed. Due to the nature of home boarding and the lack of confinement and although every effort would be made to prevent pregnancy, we can accept no responsibility should your dog become pregnant. It is your responsibility to have your dog spayed.

Yes. All dogs must be fully vaccinated, flea and tick treatment certificates and proof of worming. Vaccinations to include parvovirus, leptospirosis, hepatitis, distemper and kennel cough. We recommend routine tapeworm de-worming with a veterinary licensed product every three months. Owners must bring proof of vaccinations when dropping dogs off.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated at least 4 weeks before staying with us. We take no responsibility for your dog contracting any viral diseases while staying with us

All dogs must undergo a meet and greet trial before boarding with us. This will give a chance for both you dog and yourself to see if your happy with our boarding facilities. This is also to see if your dog gets along with the rest of the family, as we do not board aggressive dogs. 

We also recommend if you were worried to let your dog spend a night with us before your holiday or stay just to see how they get on. Please ask for information.


Yes, we recommend that you bring your dogs bed unwashed. We also request to bring your dogs food bowl, food for the duration of the stay, and a favourite toy or blanket with your scent on it to help them settle.

Yes we take all our guest dogs for a walk twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Any difference is upon owners request. 

All of our prices for dog, boarding and grooming can be found in our terms and conditions 

Yes, your dog will share all of the same spaces as all our other dogs. When they stay with us, they'll be treated as part of the family and therefore have exactly the same areas to play sleep, eat socialise as everybody else. 

If your dog prefer sleeping in a crate, we do have the space and the facilities to accommodate upon request. (Please note, you will have to provide your own crate if this is required). 

yes, we have an on-site grooming facilities. Please ask for more information if you would like your dog groomed while boards with us. We also take dog grooming appointment separately.

All our guest dogs must be spayed or neutered and housetrained before boarding with us

Yes. Your dog should be wearing a collar with an ‘ID’ tag. We will provide our own tag while your dog is in our care