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Swimming Trip

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Hello Everyone 



I'm sure you want to hear all about my amazing walk this morning, which has had my tail wagging all day. 

Today Julia and John decided to take Tiffin (I like to call her Aunty tiffin, cause to me she's part of the family) to a nearby lake walk. I must say its on of my favourites. It has so many smells and areas to paddle in, I could stay all day. They took me through the woods, which was so much fun. Aunty Tiffin and I both grabbed a massive stick (I think it was a whole tree) ano walked side by side. Bums waggling in the air. Then suddenly Aunty Tiffin dropped the tree when she saw the lake and immediately jumped in. Splashing around and biting the water. It looked like to much fun that I came running behind her. 

We also decided that Julia and John needed to get wet, so we came out the water and shook everything off right next to them, so they where just as wet as we were. We did the a couple of time throughout the walk, and where giggling all the way.

After the walk, we both get a gravy bone (my favourit) and toweld off. now I'm sat which a squeasy toy in front of the AGA, thinking of what fun thing I will do next. Or maybe I will just take a long nap.