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Hey Everybody 


Exciting News today. There my be the sound of little paws walking round Mutts Manor soon but shuuuuuuush. You didn't hear that from me.

I have had a lot of new friends in the last couple of weeks and its been so much fun. From puppies or older dogs, its been a really mix, which I like. It's means I can learn and play at the same time. Since its been colder I have decided my favourite place is in front of the fire, as with all my news friends having the same idea, the snug as become a sea of sleeping dogs. Julia says we all look like seals (whatever that means). My other special place that Riley, Ludo and myself have found is Sophie's Bed. The best time to go is just as she's trying to make it. It's a great game to ruffle up the sheets as quickly as she smooths them out. 

As its been raining so much, the puddles in the paddock and walk have become massive. Ive been having mad half hours in and out of them for every walk, which means that I have been in the grooming room a couple of times this week. But its worth it. 

Last Sunday we also got treated to a lovely chicken gravy on our dinner. Which is a lovely Sunday treat after a hard days of playing and tummy rubs


now I'm going to find any other treat to eat. I heard that John keeps a load in his pocket, so Willow Ninja mood is going to be activated.